Gas Metal Melting Furnace FB3H - 20Kg



  • Model: The FB3H Full Set PREMIUM Gas Metal Melting Furnace with 2 Burners DFC (360,000 BTU) is a robust and top-quality furnace, ideal for blacksmiths, metalsmiths, jewelers, and refiners who need to melt metals. With a melting capacity of up to 20kg of brass, this propane-powered furnace is a high-temperature fast melter capable of reaching temperatures of up to 2642°F / 1450°C. It is suitable for melting various metals, including gold, silver, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, tin, and more. To enhance performance and convenience, this furnace comes with 2 Connection Kits that allow for the use of 2 propane tanks, enabling longer working durations at full power without the propane tanks freezing too quickly. Additionally, a Special Connection Kit is included, which allows for connecting 2 burners and using only 1 propane tank, offering added flexibility and versatility in operation. This feature-rich furnace is designed to provide efficient and reliable melting operations for professional metalworkers, making it a valuable tool in any metalworking workshop.
  • Chamber Dimensions (WxH): Ø10.4” x 11.2” (Ø260mm x 280mm)
  • Exterior Dimensions (WxH): Ø18.4” x 21.2” (Ø460mm x 530mm)
  • Capacity: suitable for max. Crucible size for 20kg brass or 8.8kg aluminum casting
  • Maximum temperature: 2642°F / 1450°C *Be sure to use proper safety gear and body/face/eye protection while using and practice caution while working with such high temperatures
  • Insulation: the interior of the furnace is fully lined with 2” of ceramic wool and 2'' refractory cement providing superior strength and durability
  • Suitable for: Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Tin, etc.
  • Weight: 240lb / 110kg
  • Burner: 2 DFC (360.000 BTU) Burners with a gas ball valve are powerful and efficient. Our burner’s nozzle design lasts longer and increases its efficiency. The nozzle is made of 304 Stainless steel. Its diameter at the widest place is 50mm. The gas burner is equipped with an adjustable air choke, which regulates the amount of air mixed with the propane during combustion to achieve a different pressure, which helps you to reach a maximum temperature. The operating pressure range is 1 - 25 PSI
  • Our burners are manufactured to work with: Butane, Propane, Butane + Propane Gas, and LPG. It doesn’t work on Natural Gas
  • The operating pressure range is 1 - 25 PSI
  • The Furnace body is made of: steel 16 gauge (1.5mm). The shell is lightweight
  • Gas pressure regulator, gauge with Mpa monometer. Pressure Range 0-0.6Mpa (0.1Mpa - 1Bar - 14.5PSI)
  • Fitting: we have 4 different gas pressure regulator connections. One of these gas pressure regulators will be included depending on the country. To see fitting click here
  2. Connection - G 5/8" UK POL LH fits for UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND, SOUTH AFRICA
  3. Connection - Shell DIN external thread to - W21.8 x 1/14" LH internal thread (Left thread) fits for GERMANY, FRANCE (AND MOST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES)
  4. Connection - W20 x 1/14" LH fits for ITALY

Package includes:

  • Gas Metal Melting Furnace Model: FB3H
  • 2 DFC Burners (360.000 BTU)
  • 20 kg crucible
  • Special kit for connecting 2 burners
  • Heat Resistant Gloves (the appearance of the gloves may vary)
  • 2 Gas pressure regulators, gauge with manometer
  • 2 x 13ft / 4m gas hose
  • 4 Clamps
  • User manual

Explanation Table: Burner DFC

  • BTU/Hr: burner power
  • PSI: gas pressure from the gas pressure regulator

  • ATM: Gas pressure from gas pressure regulator (in Atmospheres). 1ATM - 1.01Bar - 14.5PSI
  • PSI: Gas pressure from gas pressure regulator (in Pounds per square inch). 1PSI - 0.06ATM - 0.068Bar
  • BTU/Hr: British thermal unit per hour. 1 BTU/hr = 0.00029307107 kW
  • LBS/Hr: Pounds per hour. 1 lbs = 0.45359237 kilograms
  • Kg/Hr: Kilogram per hour. 1 kilogram = 2.20462262 lbs
  • KW/Hr: Kilowatt per hour. 1 kW/Hr = 3412.142 BTU/Hr