DEVIL-FORGE is your full-service metal melting and blacksmithing tools supply company. We started providing our services already in 2000. We are located in Europe, Lithuania.

Over twenty-year experience in the manufacturing and sales of the greatest variety of technologically advanced blacksmithing and metal melting products made only of the top-quality materials enables us to offer our clients a highly diversified range of goods meeting the needs of both, amateur and professional farriers or blacksmiths. At devil-forge.com, you will find a world of blacksmithing and metal casting products at your fingertips – each backed by our exceptional service and satisfaction guarantee. In addition, a state-of-the-art inventory system means we have what you need, when you need it.

In our store, clients can find a great and exclusive assortment of gas forge, gas burner, metal melting furnace and many other items. If you are interested in buying a certain product, you can always get in touch with us and ask the questions you are interested, and we are always very pleased and ready to answer them. We will advise you and, if you wish, offer to you a solution best suited to your needs.

With the help of our innovative system, you can also review and track your current and previous orders (whether placed on-line, by mail), create a wish list and receive a year-end summary of all your purchases for your own accounting. 

The quality, longevity and friendly price – these are the main three components stimulating our robust movement ahead. We have an innovative and professional team capable of developing and introducing new and interesting products.

If you want to be in the frontline of this rapidly developing market, you must use in your work only the most advanced facilities guaranteeing the quality of your products and allowing you to retain the best and most competitive position.

We guarantee your satisfaction and good quality! We guarantee high temperature of forge welding and metal melting furnace! We guarantee the long life and excellent price of our products!