Specification DFPROFK1:

  • Burner: DFC 1pcs. ;
  • Forge Body Constructed of: steel 16 gauge (1.5mm), the shell is lightweight;
  • Interior Dimensions: 9.2"W x 4"H x 10"L (230mm x 100mm x 250mm);
  • Weight: 46lb (21kg);
DFPROFK1 gas forge

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$ 522.00

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DFPROFK1 – 1 burner forge – now with new DFC model burner and gas saver system.
Our DFPROFK1 this model forge has 2 inch or 50mm ceramic blanket insulation. Forge is portable and powerful, high quality with two doors and interior walls and bottom lined with ceramic bricks. This forge designed for horse shoes makers blacksmiths, farriers and knife makers. We combined this forge with a powerful DFC burner. We guarantee that You will reach welding temperature - this forge can reach 2642 Fahrenheit. 1450C

Gas saving system – with this system you can save up to 30% gas.

How it work? It`s very simple!

  1. At first you have to open all ball valves on gas saver and on burners.
  2. Second you have to open gas on gas tank. Important! Check that pressure regulator is closed.
  3. Slowly open the pressure regulator (it opens with screw, turn right it will open turn left it will close)
  4. Ignite the forge! Please use paper or long lighter.
  5. Open pressure regulator on that pressure that you want to work.
  6. Open air chokes to get ideal flame.
  7. Now we will setup gas saver. Close ball valve number 1
  8. Slowly turn (to close) ball valve number 2 until you get very low pressure on gas saving system burners have to run as low power as it can.
  9. Now we can use gas saving system insert metal part in gas forge and open ball valve number 1 you will get power that you set on gas pressure regulator. When you take part from gas forge just close ball valve number 1 and you will get low pressure as you set on ball valve number 2.
  10. Ball valve number 3 provided to close gas flow from pressure regulator.

DFC burner (180,000 BTU)


Our pressure regulator connection standard - Shell DIN external thread to - W21.8 x 1/14" LH internal thread.

We include adapters for some countries.   

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USER MANUAL (For gas forges)

Tools you need: screwdriver + or 7mm wrench, 13mm wrench.

  1. Insert bricks in forge.
  2. Connect the hose to pressure regulator and burner. All part to connect you will find in bag with pressure regulator (you will need screwdriver or 7mm wrench).
  3. Connect pressure regulator to gas tank. Don’t forget that pressure regulator has left thread.
  4. Insert gas burner in gas forge and screw bolts.
  5. When you start the burner close air choke.
  6. Open gas tank then screw pressure regulator (turn right to increase pressure, turn left to decrease) until you hear the gas flow from gas forge then fire up it! (Be carefully when firing up the forge!!! If you wait to long propane or butane can explode!)
  7. Now you can open air choke and increase pressure. With air choke and gas pressure you can regulate burner power.
  8. Working pressure is: 0,01MPa = 1,45 psi = 0.098Atm - 0,16 MPa = 23.2 psi = 1.58Atm


  1. Not enough power? Check your air choke is it opened. Check gas tank is it full.
  2. Burner doesn’t work right not enough power. Disconnect hose from burner and try to clear the injector pipe (if it doesn’t helped try to connect to air compressor to clear the pipe injector) Check your air choke is it opened. Check gas tank is it full.

Devil-forge cannot be held responsible for any damage of injury caused by use of gas forges, gas furnaces, gas burners that is different than advised in the instructions for use.

Manual by www.devil-forge.com

VIDEO (how to)

BURNERS DFP, DFC, DFM from fevil-forge how to use burners right.