Specification FB2Mb:

  • Burner: DFC 1pcs. Weight: 33lb (15kg).
  • Furnace Body Constructed of: steel 16 gauge (1.5mm), the shell is lightweight
  • Chamber Dim.: 8"W x 10"H(200mm x 250mm; Max crucible size for 10kg brass & 4.4kg aluminum casting 
  • Outside Dim.: 12"W x 15"H(300mm x 380mm)
FB2Mb metal melting furnace

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$ 370.00

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FB2Mb – 1 burner furnace
This portable furnace is designed to melt up to 10kg of Material. This HIGH TEMPERATURE FAST MELTING propane furnace is designed to melt metals up to 2642° Fahrenheit (approx. 1450° Celsius)This furnace can handle metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Tin, etc. 

Furnace Interior fully lined with 2 inches of ceramic wool. Furnace cover lined with 2 inches of ceramic wool. Furnace floor is made from 2.5-3 inches of ceramic wool and firebrick providing superior strength and durability.

Connection kit included with every forge:

  • Gas pressure regulator, 1 - 90 PSI (0 - 6bar) gauge with manometer;
  • 6.5 ft (2 meters) gas hose;
  • 2 clamps;

All you need to supply is the propane tank.
Our manometer with Mpa measurement. 0.1Mpa - 1Bar - 14.5PSI

DFC burner description (180,000 BTU). Powerful and efficient. Our nozzle design is lasting longer and increases the burner's efficiency. Its operating pressure range 1 - 25 PSI. There is a choke on the top of our burner – it regulates the amount of air that is mixed with the propane during combustion. 

Note: If You are looking for a good burner, You must know one thing – good burner must have air choke. If the burner doesn't have it (don't look at that side!), You can't reach maximum temperature because you need a different quantity of air on different pressure!