Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

◦ Will these forges reach forge-welding heat?
Yes. 2300 degrees Fahrenheit is accepted as forge-welding temperature. All our forges run several
hundred degrees hotter.

◦ Does the devil-forge burners require a blower?
No, this is an atmospheric burner, it does not require a blower.

 How much propane will devil-forges use?
That depends on the pressure that the burners are being run at.

◦ What does the choke do?
The choke regulates the amount of air that is mixed with the propane during combustion.

 I’m just starting out, which forge do you suggest?
If you are doing bladesmithing, the DFPROF2 or DFPROFK2 two burner forge is a better choice for doing pattern-welding (Damascus). If you are doing blacksmithing, the DFROF1 or DFPROFK1 one burner forge will work well for forging and forge-welding.

 I’m just starting out, which furnace do you suggest?
That depends on the metal weight you want to melt.

 How long does the forge take to heat up?
The forge will reach its maximum temperature in ~5min.

◦ How long does the furnace take to heat up?
The furnace will reach its maximum temperature in ~20min.

◦ If I add doors to the forge will it get hotter?
No. Adding doors to these forges is dangerous. Closing the openings can introduce unburned propane into the forge chamber, which under certain conditions may explode.